On death, moving, and saying goodbye to June.
We are overwhelmed with distraction, and it doesn't feel good. Plus: Two poems for your Eastertide, and Winnie the Pooh on the spiritual power of hums.
Plus: 'A Quiet Place' and being afraid of parenting, a good read about death and community, and Czeslaw Milosz on being a worker in the vineyard
My plan for internet domination takes a blog-sized step forward.
A collision of innocence and grief in the death of my son's biological father.
The Incarnation reveals that Jesus is our "Red Bird," our "Early Bird," come down from his home to make a home with us.
Music from Radical Face, the comfort of 'Onward,' the necessity of Cormac McCarthy's 'The Road,' and the economy of "Nothing Gold Can Stay."
Adoption forces you to expand your view of your family tree. And the certainty of death reminds you that, eventually, all the leaves will fall.
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